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Junior Haseeb Waseem Elected President of the American Parliamentary Debate Association

* Photo: By Alertjean at en.wikipedia, CC BY 3.0,

Shout outs to Haseeb Waseem, Junior in the School of Business at Villanova who has “transformed another aspect of the University to be recognized nationally: debate.” Waseem was elected President of the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA) at the end of last month. He now leads the executive board of the oldest national student-run debate organization in the country that oversees over 50 collegiate debate societies, representing the interests of American collegiate debate w through the Worlds Universities Debating Council, and organizes the North American Debating Championship!

Waseem first joined the debate team at New York University and loved it. When he arrived at Villanova, he found there had not been an active debate team in well over a decade. So he built one! In 2018, he recruited 13 members to create the Villanova Debate Union and became an official team with the ADPA. “In 2019, we saw a lot of unprecedented competitive success,” Waseem said. These successes included beating teams from both Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania at different national tournaments.” As a result, the program is one of the highest ranked debate programs in the nation.

Waseem has also been supporting other debate programs on the East Coast. “Haseeb’s been instrumental in helping the Bowdoin team out in starting up,” Grayson Dilan, a student at Bowdoin, said.

As a result of his passion and dedication to debate, he was elected as president of the ADPA on March 27th. He will now not only work to promote debate nationally but also internationally and work with representatives from Canada and Mexico as a united North American coalition.


Junior Haseeb Waseem Elected President of the American Parliamentary Debate Association