Thank You for Submitting Your Speech!

1.  You are now a Great Debater!  Public Speaking is one of the #1 fears of adults.  You are already doing it!!!!  Public Speaking and Debate are some of the most important skills.  The more you practice, the more you will improve! So we hope you join us for the next month's tournament!  That is the only way you will keep on improving! 

2.   Results and Feedback will be emailed to you by the end of the month  We have a panel of judges who will review all the speeches and provide lots of feedback on how you can continue to improve your public speaking skills. Every participant receives an e-certificate, judge ballots, letter of participation, and there will be some additional opportunities as well! We also have trophies, medals and ribbons for some of the top schools and speakers.  * Reminder - because of the quarantine and coronavirus, we do not expect to mail out awards until the Fall or when schools re-open, so please be patient. 

3.  Start preparing for next month's topic!  Click on the next month's tournament below for the topic and topic resources! 

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