About our Our Tournaments

Thank you for your interest in participating in our free online speech and debate tournaments. Below you can find all the information about our monthly tournaments.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at greatdebatersonline@gmail.com. 

What are the Tournament Topics? Click below for more information on our Tournaments! 

Who? Our Program is Free for Any Student, Teacher and School in the world!


Our only ask is that teachers/parents/guardians of students support in judging if we need more volunteer judges. No worries if you cannot. But what makes our program free for all is our incredible volunteers! No worries if you haven't judged before - we provide all the judge resources and training you need!

Students: from Elementary School to Middle School to High School to College/University. We have divisions for each grade level

When?  We host tournaments every month!

You can view all our tournaments and topics at anytime on our website under the "Tournaments" tab.  The Tournament officially starts on the 1st of the month which is the first date you can send your video and/or written submissions. The deadline is the last day of the month before midnight (Eastern Standard Time).

Where?  All our tournaments are hosted online!

Students from anywhere in the globe can participate online!  Trophies, medals and awards are mailed to your address.  Please, as a reminder that because of the Coronavirus pandemic we are delaying awards until Summer or possibly later when quarantine restrictions are lifted.

What?  We have two different events for our tournaments.

We have the Original Oratory division in which students submit a video speech. You can record your video with a smartphone, computer or camera and upload the video on our website form.  We also offer the Speechwriting Event where students upload a speech on the monthly topic.

Original Oratory:  Students submit a videotaped speech 1-5 minutes long. Make sure when you record yourself that your entire body can be seen because judges will evaluate not just your speech, but your body posture, hand gestures, and body movement. So it is important to see all of you in order to judge your speech.

Speechwriting Division: Students instead of recording their speeches, will submit a written speech. We do have a word limit by grade level. Elementary School Word Count (Up to 500 words), Middle School, High School and College (500-1000 Words)


Submissions are due on the last day of each month by Midnight (Eastern Standard Time). However, please submit your submission as early as possible. We do reserve the right to limit the number of entries based on the number of available judges and staff. We will have a waiting list if we have too many entries. So the sooner you submit, the better! 


Topics change each month. You can find the monthly topics on our website on the "Tournaments" Tab.


Certificates of Participation: Online Certificates of Participation for all students and volunteers.

Medals & Trophies. Medals and Trophies are awarded and mailed to the top winners of each division. Divisions include: Elementary School Division, Middle School Division, High School Division, and Collegiate Division.*Please note because of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine rules, we estimate we will be mailing out awards starting in June or July 2020. *

School Sweepstakes Awards: Trophies are awarded to the schools with the most entries.  The First Place School in addition to their Sweepstakes Trophy will win a $100 Pizza Party Gift for their Great Debaters and Teachers!

Public Showcase. Top awardees will be featured on our website, social media, and e-newsletters.

* Please note that because this is a free program, we reserve the right at any time to change or cancel any events, awards, certificates. If the number of entrees exceeds our volunteer and judge capacity, we reserve the right to limit the number of entries. Additionally, we are not responsible for any lost awards, medals, trophies, gift cards, etc. Please understand as a free program managed by volunteers, we reserve the right at anytime to change or cancel any part of our program. And please share with us any feedback so that we can improve our program.

Questions? More information? Help?

Please contact us at greatdebaters@gmail.com

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