Thank You for Volunteering! 

1.  Thank you for supporting our Great Debaters!  Our mission is all students, all schools, and all teachers, and all families should have access to speech and debate. We could not do this without you. So thank you for volunteering! 

2.   Next Steps. 

Students! They have from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month to submit a video and/or written speech on our monthly topic. We provide any resources and support for students and teachers during this time. 


Volunteers!  At the end of the month when students submit speeches, it takes us about a week to organize/upload all the speeches, create ballots, etc and so we should be sending you about 6-7 student submissions by the end of the first week of the month.  You have about a week to judge ie we ask by the 15th to submit the ballots. But of course let us know if that is not sufficient time.  If necessary we may continue with elimination rounds and please let us know if interested in judging these as well. We will usually send out an email invitation for folks who would like to judge again that month. 


New Programs!  I'll add you to our e-newsletter for updates! We are looking to add some live virtual programs as well, and starting up a e-mentoring/coaching program as well. And any other ideas let us know!! 

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